FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How can I see the predictions of the other players?
On the page where you can enter your round prediction Prediction => Round prediction you'll find the predictions and the scoring of the players which are on your watchlist. With the select box Add player to your watchlist you can add further players to your watchlist. The predictions of the other players are hidden until the according match (or race, stage, event) has started.
I see that a kick-off time of a match is wrong. What can I do to correct that?
By selecting Referee => Check kick-off times you can mark a kick-off time as incorrect. The admins will see your notification and amend the kick-off time if this is accurate.
I can't enter predictions for the selected prediction game. Why?
This can be caused by different reasons. Please check that [1] the prediction game is not over yet, [2] are you logged in, [3] you signed up to the prediction game and [4] the prediction game is started.
I accidentally signed up for a prediction game. How can I revoke my participation?
In case the prediction game hasn't started yet, you should select TT_YOUR_NAME => Revoke participation. There is currently no way to revoke your participation from a prediction game that has already started.
Some text are not yet translated into the language I selected and some translations are incorrect. Can I help to add or rectify these translations?
Yes, you can add missing translations or correct false translations by yourself. You just have to select Referee => Translations. With the select boxes select language you decide which towards which language you want to translate.