Liga de Campeones 2018/19
Liga Premier 2018/19
Europa League 2018/19
Ekstraklasa 2018/19
1.Bundesliga 2018/19
Copa Libertadores de América 2018
Primera División 2018/19
Serie A 2018/19
Scottish Premiership 2018/19
Ligue 1 2018/19
UEFA European U-19 Champ. 2018
Football League Championship 2018/19
MLS 2018
Copa Sudamericana 2018
EFL League One 2018/19
Swiss Super League 2018/19
Liga Premier de Rusia 2018/19
Campeonato Brasileño 2018
AFC Champions League 2018
Danish Superliga 2018/19
Belgian Pro League 2018/19
Eredivisie 2018/19
2.Bundesliga 2018/19
Liga Profesional de Bulgaria 2018/19
Copa de Alemania 2018/19
Coppa Italia 2018/19
Austrian Bundesliga 2018/19
Primeira Liga 2018/19
CAF Champions League 2018
Turkish Süper Lig 2018/19
Primera División de Argentina 2018/19
Copa del Rey 2018/19
Liga MX 2018/19
Liga Premier de Ucrania 2018/19
J-League 2018
Best of the Rest 2018/19
FA Cup 2018/19
A-League 2018/19
Carreras de coches
Fórmula 1 2018
German Open 2018
Tennis US Open / Men's singles 2018
Tennis US Open / Women's singles 2018
Canada Masters 2018
Cincinnati Masters 2018
Hockey sobre hielo
KHL 2018/19
NHL 2018/19
Champions Hockey League 2018/19
Handball Champions League 2018/19
Snooker World Open 2018
China Championship 2018
Snooker Indian Open 2018
Golf British Open
PGA Championship 2018
Darts World Matchplay 2018
German Darts Championship 2018
Dutch Darts Championship 2018
ECB T20 Cup 2018
Caribbean Premier League 2018
Fútbol americano
NFL 2018/19
US College Football 2018/19
Super Rugby 2018
Super League 2018
Rugby League Challenge Cup 2018
NRL 2018
English Premiership Rugby 2018/19
Top 14 2018/19
Major League Baseball 2018
Tour de Francia 2018
Fútbol australiano
AFL 2018
Campeonato Europeo de Atletismo 2018
European Swimming Champ. 2018
Volleyball World Championship 2018
Carreras de caballos
British Horse Races 2018
Golf match play
Ryder Cup 2018
Hockey sobre césped
Women's Hockey World Cup 2018
Water polo
Men's European Water Polo Champ. 2018
World Sport Highlights
World Sport Highlights 2018
Beach Volleyball
European Beach Volleyball Champ. / Men 2018

Upcoming prediction games
Pro14 2018/19
UEFA Nations League 2018/19
International Darts Open 2018
Women's Basketball World Cup 2018
ETTU Champions League 2018/19
Volleyball Women's World Champ. 2018
European Rugby Champions Cup 2018/19
Tennis China Open 2018
Tennis Shanghai Masters 2018
Snooker International Championship 2018
European Darts Trophy 2018
Euroleague Basketball 2018/19
NBA 2018/19
Swiss Indoors 2018
Northern Ireland Open 2018
Paris Masters 2018
US College Basketball 2018/19
Women's Hockey Champions Trophy 2018
Volleyball Champions League 2018/19
Snooker UK Championship 2018
Men's Hockey World Cup 2018
CAF Champions League 2018/19
European Women's Handball Champ. 2018
Big Bash League 2018/19
World Junior Ice Hockey Champ. 2019
Coupe de France 2018/19
Asian Cup 2019
Campeonato Mundial de Balonmano 2019
Copa Libertadores de América 2019
OFC Champions League 2019
CONCACAF Champions League 2019
Premier League Darts 2019
Cricket World Cup 2019
Rugby Six Nations Champ. 2019
Super Rugby 2019
AFC Champions League 2019
Nordic World Ski Championships 2019
Campeonato Mundial de Biatlón 2019
World Women's Curling Champ. 2019
World Table Tennis Champ. / Men's Singles 2019
World Men's Curling Champ. 2019
Campeonato Mundial de Hockey sobre Hielo 2019
FIFA U-20 World Cup 2019
Beach Volleyball World Champ. / Men 2019
Beach Volleyball World Champ. / Women 2019
UEFA European U-21 Champ. 2019
FIFA Women's World Cup 2019
FIFA U-17 World Cup 2019
Copa Africana 2019
Copa América 2019
Gold Cup 2019
Beach Soccer World Cup 2019
Swimming World Champ. 2019
Men's EuroHockey Nations Champ. 2019
Women's EuroHockey Nations Champ. 2019
Chess World Cup 2019
Liga de Campeones 2019/20
Europa League 2019/20
Men's World Water Polo Champ. 2019
Campeonato Mundial de Baloncesto 2019
European Women's Volleyball Champ. 2019
European Table Tennis Champ. / Men's Team 2019
European Table Tennis Champ. / Women's Team 2019
European Men's Volleyball Champ. 2019
Copa del Mundo de Rugby 2019
Campeonato Mundial de Atletismo 2019
World Women's Handball Champ. 2019
Presidents Cup 2019
World Junior Ice Hockey Champ. 2020
World Table Tennis Champ. / Men's Team 2020
European Men's Handball Champ. 2020
World Table Tennis Champ. / Women's Team 2020
African Nations Championship 2020
Campeonato Mundial de Biatlón 2020
World Men's Curling Champ. 2020
Campeonato Mundial de Hockey sobre Hielo 2020
ICC World Twenty20 2020
Eurocopa 2020
Men's European Water Polo Champ. 2020
Juegos Olímpicos 2020
Olympic Men's Football Tournament 2020
Olympic Women's Football Tournament 2020
Olympic Women's Handball Tournament 2020
Olympic Men's Handball Tournament 2020
Olympic Women's Hockey Tournament 2020
Olympic Women's Volleyball Tournament 2020
Olympic Women's Basketball Tournament 2020
Olympic Men's Basketball Tournament 2020
Olympic Men's Volleyball Tournament 2020
Olympic Men's Hockey Tournament 2020
Olympic Men's Water Polo Tournament 2020
Campeonato Europeo de Atletismo 2020
European Swimming Champ. 2020
Ryder Cup 2020
European Women's Handball Champ. 2020
World Junior Ice Hockey Champ. 2021
Campeonato Mundial de Balonmano 2021
Nordic World Ski Championships 2021
Campeonato Mundial de Hockey sobre Hielo 2021
Confederations Cup 2021
Copa Africana 2021
Men's World Water Polo Champ. 2021
Swimming World Champ. 2021
Campeonato Mundial de Atletismo 2021
Rugby League World Cup 2021
World Women's Handball Champ. 2021
Juegos Olímpicos 2022
Campeonato Mundial de Hockey sobre Hielo 2022
Copa del Mundo 2022
Commonwealth Games 2022
Campeonato Europeo de Atletismo 2022
Campeonato Mundial de Balonmano 2023
Cricket World Cup 2023
Copa América 2023
Copa Africana 2023
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Liga Premier de Ucrania 2018/19 Today
German Open 2018 1 Día
Belgian Pro League 2018/19 6 días
Austrian Bundesliga 2018/19 6 días
Liga Premier de Rusia 2018/19 6 días
Coppa Italia 2018/19 7 días
Primera División 2018/19 10 días
European Swimming Champ. 2018 13 días
2.Bundesliga 2018/19 13 días
Football League Championship 2018/19 13 días
EFL League One 2018/19 13 días
Scottish Premiership 2018/19 13 días
Canada Masters 2018 15 días
Campeonato Europeo de Atletismo 2018 16 días
Caribbean Premier League 2018 17 días
Competencia clásica
Plain and simple: The player with the most points wins.
The winner is determined by knockout rounds.
The league participants play against each other. The top players will be promoted, the bottom players will be relegated.
Drop Out contest
Each round the players with the worst round results gets eliminated until a winner is determined.
Rat Race contest
In a number of hierarchically ordered boxes players compete against each other every round to climb up the ladder step by step.
Challenge contest
In this contest you should predict unlikely results as challenges and collect objections from your opponents ...and end up being right.

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